Based since 2011 in Playa Del Carmen, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, M-DIVING is dedicated to the discovery and exploration of the underground riches of the Yucatan Peninsula.

We are specialists in cave diving in cenote (crystal clear water cave under the jungle). M-Diving is the result of the grouping of TECH cave divers, instructors, independent guides and explorers.

Come and discover M-Diving, a group of professionals addicted to Mexico, to cave diving, to the jungle and to the vida!

Our goal is to make you live THE best experience of your life and offer you hectic and unforgettable days.


The M-Diving cenote guide is a TDI certified cave diver, diving instructor, trilingual and specialist in the Maya world with knowledge of archaeology, paleontology and underground geology.


The M-Diving cenote guide has thousands of cave and cavern dives, he knows how to adapt to the levels and requirements of each diver.


The M-Diving cenote guide, the essential technical and safety asset for your incursions into the Mayan beyond.


M-Diving is the combination of our cenote diving experience and our passion for exploring and finding hidden gems. We have imagined a flexible diving structure allowing us to take you to the cenote, on an excursion to discover the treasures of the peninsula or even to organize underwater shootings in unusual places.

The most beautiful cenotes

We cannot keep the wonder of these immersions in the jungle to ourselves. M-DIVING is committed to showing you the best cenote dive sites based on your experience, weather conditions, season and interests. We are happy to guarantee you the most beautiful dives of your life in extraordinary environments.

Archaeology, Mayan culture, gastronomy...

By dint of exploration and discovery of natural gems, our goal is to share these unusual treasures with you, combining diving, archaeological sites, Mayan culture and population, tropical fauna and gastronomy. They give access not only to the history of the Yucatan Peninsula but to the History of the Americas.

Photo and video production

M-DIVING also has many experiences in the organization of underwater shootings and film production. Our mastery of the region and of Mexico, our knowledge of the sites and the jungle as well as our sharp eye will be undeniable assets for the organization of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to offer you all our expertise.